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Water Ballet - Dancing Waters

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Water Ballet: An interactive & programmable tabletop water show from our friends at Cn You Imagine! This incredible little fountain packs a punch with its 25 individually controlled water jets, 25 different patterns, built in lighting, and more! This item was manufactured and sold from 2001 until 2006 at Spencer Gifts as "Water Ballet" and the Discovery Channel Store as "Dancing Waters". This incredibly rare item is a real treasure to hold onto as nothing like it will ever exist on the market again. This unit we have here is BRAND NEW and in the original box. Only 2 available! 



  • Best used with distilled water 
  • Water dances to 25 programmed sequences
  • Built in microphone so you can watch the water dance to your favorite tune 
  • Built in lighting featuring blue, red, and white colors
  • Power adapter included
  • Built in settings: sensitivity, program selection, speed, and power