About GLOW!

It was 1996, and Spencer Gifts was rising and expanding. Due to an extraordinary demand in novelty lighting and glow in the dark products, Spencer Gifts opted to open up a new concept store called "GLOW!". And, as you'd expect, they sold everything that would glow in the dark, light up, and shine! With unique locations at Universal City Walk and various malls across the country, the stores were 'glowing' with wonder. 

However, as they say - "Good things must come to an end", and that's just what happened. 2004 marked the end of all GLOW! stores, and DAPY soon followed in 2006. Times were changing, Spencer Gifts was sold and ultimately rebranded to the current 'Spencers'. Spencers did absorb a large majority of GLOW & DAPY's products, at least for a few years.  

Today, little remains of GLOW! In fact, good luck finding any information on it whatsoever. Spencer's has mostly left the market of novelty lighting and glow-in-the-dark merchandise, and now there is a void. 

So, with a little work and dedication - It was discovered that GLOW! and DAPY were long expired trademarks, and an opportunity presented itself. GLOW! and DAPY were re-trademarked under a private entity - and now you are here, in our online store. 

This time around, the majority of our operations are online - with a popup store located in Orange, California. We have expanded our products to include not just those of the past (Who doesn't love nostalgic merchandise?) but also new products of today! We will continue to provide quality products to those who love lighting, blacklight art, unique & sensory gifts, and so much more! We may even have a few tricks up our sleeve to get some of the most desired and retired products back in circulation - even if just for a little bit.  In fact, 100% of our profits go towards the funding, design, and manufacturing of some of the most highly demanded products from the era!