How do your humidifiers work?

Our humidifiers use the latest atomization technology to disperse tiny water droplets into the air reducing dry skin and dry air.


Can I add essential oils to your humidifiers? 

Yes! All of our humidifiers can disperse fragrance oil for aroma therapy.


Are your humidifiers safe around kids and pets?

Yes! Our humidifiers are perfect for a kids room. We do no recommend adding essential oils to our humidifiers if you have pets. 


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. If your humidifier has any issues, we will make sure you get a replacement as soon as possible!


Can I add any water to your humidifiers? 

Just about. Tap water works just fine! For optimal performance, we recommend distilled water. 


How long do the water wicks last?

The water wicks can easily last many months with regular use. We recommend you replace the water wick in your device at least once or twice per year depending on usage.